Check out Simple Practical Beautiful’s most popular DIY Projects in 2017. A year of Do-it-yourself furniture, crafts, cleaning, succulents, and lots of projects inspired by movies.

I keep thinking I should narrow down Simple Practical Beautiful and focus on just one type of DIY project, but there are popular posts this year in crafts, home improvement, gardening, and, of course, costumes. I love working on all types of projects and I’m happy that you guys like reading about them. It gives me an excuse to find creativity in everything from refinishing furniture to laying sod. (If you don’t think laying sod can be creative, just check out our extreme gardening video.)

Thanks for your support and helping make 2017 a fun year here at Simple Practical Beautiful. I can’t wait to share the DIY projects I’m going to create in 2018!

Top DIY Projects of 2017

How to Clean Fireplace Bricks

How to clean fireplace bricks | Getting all that soot, ash, and smoke residue off your bricks depends on using the right cleaner | HousekeepingCleaning soot, ash, and smoke off fireplace bricks is possible and not too hard. You just need a cleaning product that is made specifically to clean soot and smoke stains.

Restoring a Midcentury Table

How to restore furniture, like this vintage mid-century table, to its original beautyHow to restore a vintage wood table, a DIY tutorial explaining how to strip off an old finish, clean and repair the wood, then add a stain and protective finish.

How to Make a LEGO Batman Helmet

Make a child-size DIY LEGO Batman helmet or cowl out of foam from The LEGO Batman MoveMake a DIY LEGO Batman helmet out of foam from The LEGO Batman Movie. This detailed tutorial includes a printable template.

Make a Jean Purse from an Old Pair of Pants

Repurpose an old pair of jeans and a worn out belt into a jean purse | upcycled jeans bag | reuse old clothesMake a stylish jean purse or bag by upcycling an old pair of jeans and an old belt. A great way to repurpose old jeans, plus you can make a cute gift by personalizing the denim.

Beauty and the Beast Rose and Glass Cloche

Beauty and the Beast rose | How to make the enchanted rose and cloche from Disney’s movie | Etching a glass clocheMake a miniature version of the floating rose and glass cloche from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast using an old wine glass and an etching tool.

How to Make a Sword from Wood

Details of the wood sword painted to look like metalHow to build a sword out of wood, then make it look metal and battle-worn. This sword was made for a Nazgul costume for a Lord of the Rings Halloween.

Refinishing a Wood Bookcase

How to refinish a bookshelf or any wood furniture with latex paint | furniture makeover | refinishing | painting a bookcaseLearn how to refinish any piece of wood furniture, like this bookshelf, with simple latex paint. Give new life to old wood in any color paint.

10 Succulent Planter Ideas

How to make your own DIY succulent planter | Ten succulent gift ideas | Succulents in containers as home decorHere’s ten ways to showcase your favorite succulent plants. Each succulent planter would make a great gift or beautiful decor for your home.

Use Adobe Illustrator to Plan a Room Layout

Use Adobe Illustrator to create an accurate and scaled layout of any room | especially great for kitchen remodels and bathroom renovationsAdobe Illustrator can create precise shapes so it’s perfect for planning a room layout, especially for a kitchen or bathroom remodel.

How to Make Galadriel’s Crown

A DIY elf crown made to look like branches of silverMake an elegant DIY crown for your Galadriel costume using a glue gun and a few simple craft supplies. Easy to make and great for any elf costume or cosplay.