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I’ve teamed up with a few other bloggers to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Star Wars by sharing projects and recipes inspired by the movie. You can find links to all of the other fun Star Wars posts if you scroll down. But first, my project: a Star Wars room.

Four years ago we found out I was pregnant, and we started planning a Star Wars nursery for our son. The nursery has turned into a little boy’s room as project by project we’ve worked to make our plan a reality. It’s almost finished, and I’m excited to share some of the finishing touches we’ve made to our Star Wars nursery little boy’s room.

Luckily, our little boy loves Star Wars, especially Star Wars LEGOs.

Outer Space Paint Colors

We looked through a lot of gray and blue paint chips to find colors that went with our Star Wars Hoth theme, and gave a space feel to the room.

Most of the room is painted with Behr Evening White. The closet is a shade darker on the paint chip and called Planetary Silver, and the storage shelf is the darkest color from the paint chip, Hematite, giving it an almost metallic look. You can tell by the names that even Behr knew these colors looked like they were from outer space.

The blue wall is Behr Blueprint. I can’t decided if those white dots are stars that you’d see from the Millennium Falcons cockpit or snow falling on the planet Hoth. Either way, it fits the theme. All of the artwork on that wall shows scenes from the ice planet.

Vinyl dots make stars for a Star Wars nursery

Darth Vader Light Switch

When I was planning our Star Wars nursery, I kept looking at our unusual light switch cover and thinking, “That looks like Darth Vader’s costume!” Our light switches are from the 1950s, which means they’re unique. The striped pattern is perfect for our Star Wars nursery. It just needs to be black instead of yellowing plastic.

But I decided that painting the light switch cover a solid black would hide the great pattern. So I painted it silver first, so that silver streaks will show through the black and highlight the striped pattern.

Once I had a good coat of silver, I used a foam brush to lightly paint several coats of black paint. I didn’t want to accidentally get any black in the silver indents, so I worked carefully. It’s still not perfect.

A light switch cover gets a lot of use, and I don’t want the paint wearing off, so I added a protective coating. I gave the whole cover a good coat of polycrylic. The polycrylic dries clear so the true colors will show through, but it will also give it a protective coating that will resist damage and chipping.

Painting the light switch itself never works well, so instead we replaced the yellowing switch with a black switch.

Death Star Space Door

The yellowy wood door didn’t go with the grays of the Star Wars room, so a friend suggested we cover it in chalkboard contact paper.A high shelf makes a nice place to display cool toys

I removed all of the hardware from the door and took off the doorknob. Just so you know, removing a doorknob is easy, just remove the two screws from one side and pull of both knobs.

One roll of contact paper covered a little more than half the width of the door and didn’t quite make it to the bottom. So I used a second roll of chalkboard contact paper to cover the other side of the door and fill in the bottom.

You can see the seams a little, but it looks much better than the yellowing wood. And as a bonus, if one day we don’t like it anymore, it will be easy to remove.

I seasoned the paper with chalk (rubbed a piece of chalk all over it) so that later drawings will erase more easily. 

Then I decided the black door needed something extra, something more Star Wars. So I added a simple Death Star. Just a circle with a smaller circle cut out and a line cut out of the middle. Plus a quote from the movie.

Star Wars Record Clock

On final touch to the room was a gift from a good friend. She found this cool record clock on for us. I’m not sure what shop it’s from, but it perfect. Not only does it fit the Star Wars theme, but the round shape is found throughout the room.

The Rest of the Nursery

We’ve almost completely finished our Star Wars nursery. Okay, a Star Wars little boy’s room. Here’s links to see more of the rest of the room. Click any picture to take you to the post for more information and pictures.

Star Wars nursery mobile and Wampa rug |

A LEGO ship mobile

How to build industrial pipe shelves |

Industrial Pipe Shelves

Empire Strikes Back concept art

vinyl stars and Star Wars concept art

A high shelf is a great place for storage, and the metallic paint and decorated box make it fit with the room

A Faux metal storage and display shelf

A Death Star light for a Star Wars nursery

A Death Star light from IKEA

And one more illustration of our last project still to be completed: the R2D2 dresser. This is the idea. I can’t wait to show you the finished dresser.Our plan to make an R2D2 dresser for a Star Wars nursery or boy's room

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