A scarf holder from old shower rings. Inexpensive, effective, and lovely.

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A simple idea on how to store and display your scarves with something you already own

shower curtain ringsSince I’m trying to wear more accessories (see my jewelry post), I wanted a way to easily see all of my scarves. I have to admit, I don’t wear scarves around my neck much, but they make great headbands, hair-ties, and belts.

I used an extra set of plastic shower curtain rings. These are pretty discolored, but they don’t have any hard water scale on them because that could snag a loose thread. I have some metals ones too, which might have looked better, but I was afraid the hooks would snag some of my more delicate scarves.

shower rings linked together


I linked all of the shower curtain rings together and hung it up, and viola! my scarf holder.

a few scarves looped through rings


This is just a few scarfs hung on the rings so you can see how the scarfs easily go through the rings and hang nicely without causing any wrinkles.

Full scarf holder


All of my scarves. A little messier looking, but I can see each scarf, which is what I needed. I try to put the longer scarves on the bottom rings since they hang down further and I can still see them with other scarves on top. There is a ring for each scarf; I didn’t want any doubled up.

scarf holder inside the closet


Here it is in my closet, next to all of my shirts. Obviously this is not some showroom closet, there are way too many contrasting colors and patterns together.

scarf holder

I love how it turned out, and how useful it is. I might need to think of other organizing ideas with shower curtain rings. Have you ever done anything creative with shower curtain rings? Comment below, I’d love to hear your ideas!


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