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This page is filled with things I own and love. Every product on here, I bought. Most of the images are photos of my actual item, so I’m not recommending anything I haven’t personally tried and loved. Each photo and description has an affiliate link. This means, when you click on anything on this page, it will take you to a store where you can purchase it. If you do end up buying anything from that click, I may earn a small commission. Don’t worry, it won’t cost you anything extra. And if the product is on sale or the store is having a promotion, you will get the same great deal as everyone else. Plus, your purchase will help support this blog. Thank you!!

Pictured above: my iron, our kink-free steel hose, LED candles, and my grommet kit that has helped with so many costumes
LED taper candles with remote control

LED Candles

I love how realistic these taper candles look. With a wax coating and flickering flames, they are impressive decor and party decorations.

Rock Tumbler

Our newest DIY toy, I mean tool. We are having lots of fun making sea glass, jewelry, gifts, and more.

best bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth Speaker

We listen to tunes while we DIY, and this speaker is awesome. Plus, I don’t have to worry about things spilling on it.

cheap bulk magic erasers

Magic Erasers

Off-brand magic erasers that you can buy in bulk and super cheap. The shipping may take a while.

furniture cleaner and polish

Wood Polish

The best polish for your furniture. It cleans and protects wood. And it makes up worn-out furniture look good.

Amazon Prime

Not only do I get fast, free delivery in less time than it usually takes me to get to a store, but an Amazon Prime membership also including a free video streaming service with thousands of movies and tv shows, free music streaming, and more.

Dollar Tree

One of my affiliates that I love and shop with all the time is the Dollar Tree. Did you know that you can order stuff from them online and pick it up at the store or have it delivered? The one downside is that you have to order in bulk. Great for parties and stocking up, not so great if you just need that one thing. But, I’ve also found that their website is fantastic just for checking out what they currently have in stock in their stores. Need a certain item but you don’t want to drive all the way to the store just to find out if they have it? Check online first!

a handmade box filled with yellow things from Dollar Tree: A box of sunshine


I think this may be the best gift I have ever given my husband. It shoots a tiny amount of salt that can kill any bug. It’s definitely the most fun way to kill bugs.

watering can with a modern design

Modern Watering Can

I’m bad at keeping plants alive, but this watering can helps. It looks like cool decor so I keep it displayed next to my houseplants and it reminds me to give them water.

chicago screw set

Chicago Screws

These little screws are perfect for securing anything together. I’ve used them for denim, leather, cardboard, metal, and bookbinding. But we use them the most for foam costumes.

waxed thread for book binding

Waxed Thread

My daughter loves bookbinding. She has made journals and sketchbooks and even rebound an old book. This thread is perfect. Plus, if we ever need to sew leather, it works for that too.

sewing snaps kit

Snap Fastener Kit

I finally found snaps that I can easily put on clothes and costumes and they don’t fall off!! This was huge for me: reliable snaps. I use them on almost everything I sew.

Cozy Winters


Melt away your winter blues with heated clothing, bedding, pet mats, rug warmers, and more. Plus, cooling gear too. I hate being cold so this company is a perfect match for me!


A paradise for paper crafters and sewists. Therm-o-web has so many great adhesives, foil appliqués, stencils, and more. I use their interfacing all the time and I’ve used their amazing foils to decorate several of my projects and to make some pretty cool graphic tees.


decorative foil on stone heart of tefiti necklace
graphic tee with foil graphic
How to make a diy Avengers t-shirt with Deco Foil metallic sheets
carbide scraper used to strip the finish off of wood furniture

Carbide Scraper

This little tool can remove any finish from just about any surface. I use it to scrape old paint and coatings off of furniture and doors.

jars with lids for canning and gift giving

Canning Gift Jars

These 8 oz. jars are well-made and perfect for gift-giving because they have no logo or bumps on the glass so the label sticks on easily. Plus they look good. They come with two types of lids, both made for hot-bath canning, and white labels.

a book full of fun mazes with Charlie Brown and Peanuts characters

A-Mazing Peanuts

A book full of mazes, from easy to hard, and hand-drawn so they are beautiful. There are several books, the Peanuts design was our favorite.

Simple Practical Beautiful
Non-Slip Thermal Insulation Pad for Rug Heat, Size 5'8

Rug Heater

silicon handle cover on a cast iron skillet

Skillet Handle Cover


Best Kids Cookbook