This month, I have been organizing our elementary school’s annual PTA Reflections Program, where students submit artwork to be judged at the local, state, and national level. It’s getting pretty busy, so Jane is helping me out by publishing today’s post. Coincidentally, it’s about art.

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Welcome to Jane’s Craft Corner of the blog. Today, Jane is sharing a video she made about creating pointillism art. She created the art, filmed the video, edited the clips (mostly), added titles, and recorded her voice for the audio track all by herself. I have one very talented 7 year old. Here’s her video:

The book she shared is Family Fun Learn & Create. My kids have had a lot of fun making the crafts and doing the activities in that book. You can also find most of the activities on Family Fun’s website.

If you’d like more information about the PTA’s Reflections Program I’ve been working on,  go to the National PTA’s Reflections Toolkit.

Update: I need to share Audrey’s water conservation radio commercial, just so you can see (and hear) how talented BOTH of my daughters are!

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