Host a monster truck party that any truck-loving boy or girls will love. With monster truck fun and games, it’s easy to keep your guests happy and having a good time.A monster truck birthday party with games, an obstacle course, games, a tire cake, and more

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My son loves monster trucks. He actually loves anything with wheels, including jets and trains. (You can see the felt racetrack we made for his toy cars.) But trucks are the best. And monster trucks have the biggest wheels, so they are the best of the best. Which means a monster truck party was perfect for his third birthday.

I have to admit that I have never been to a monster truck rally, yet. But I wanted to throw a cool party, so I did a lot of monster truck research on Pinterest and YouTube. At the end of the post is my son’s favorite video.


For the invitation, we made cards with a cut paper design. We found a picture of a monster truck online and printed it out. Then we cut out the monster truck part and traced it on black construction paper. We cut out a few of the details, like the truck body and the window, and traced those out on colored construction paper. We cut and glued it all onto the front of a construction paper card and added the words “monster truck” cut out of black construction paper.

It was a lot of detail to cut out, but my husband amazing with an X-acto knife. Plus we only invited 4 guests. I learned a great tip years ago: For a child’s birthday, take their age and add one. Invite that number of friends to their party.


Just a simple black tablecloth and some masking tape lines turned the party table into a road. I ordered an inexpensive pack of small safety cones from Amazon that we also used for games. I kept the cake on the table, but out of reach, because a cake always makes a table look more festive.Monster truck birthday party decorations, including cones and a road tablecloth

I bought tissue paper flowers from the dollar store in red, yellow, and green and put them up as a stop light on the window above the table and on our front door.Tissue flowers make a stop light decoration


We started the party by coloring picture of monster trucks that I found online. I always like to start a kid’s party with something that the kids can do while everyone else arrives. There’s usually one guest that shows up a little early, and there is inevitably a guest that comes 15-20 minutes late. Coloring is a good activity during that waiting time.Monster truck coloring and stickers for the birthday party


Monster trucks drive into and over things, so our first came was bowling with a truck. I bought a toy bowling set just for the pins. We set up the pins, and each kid took a turn pushing the truck into the cones. We’d planned that the kids would stay behind a line, but a 3 year-old needs to push the truck all the way to the pins. Plus it’s more destructive that way, which means it’s more fun.Bowling with a toy monster truck

While one friend was bowling, the rest of the kids were playing in our sandbox. We bought some extra cars to play in the sand so that there would be plenty for everyone. Some friends also had fun driving around our Little Tikes Batmobile.

Obstacle Course

A monster truck obstacle course was the main event of the party. We turned an empty diaper box into a monster truck costume. We cut off the bottom flaps for the legs, then used parts of the top flaps to create the cab of the truck. After painting the truck costume, we added flags and strings to hold the costume up at the shoulders.A monster truck costume to wear for the monster truck obstacle course game

The monster truck course was set up around our lawn with the safety cones and other things we already had in the yard. There were things to go over, things to go under, and things to go around. Each kid took a turn around the course while the rest of us cheered, monster truck rally style.A monster truck obstacle course game for the birthday party

A Monster Truck Cake

The cake turned our really cute, but it was not the cake I had planned when I started baking. When I finished baking two chocolate rounds, I set them out to cool on the counter. But my little 3 year-old just started learning to climb and the cake smelled good. He managed to scoop a large chunk out of one side before I caught him. I couldn’t be too mad because it was his cake.

Luckily the chocolate cake was brown and mud in a monster truck course is brown too, so the cake became a monster truck course. Inside a tire. The “tire” is chocolate frosting with black food coloring and applied thickly to the sides of the cake. I used a silicone spatula to make the “tread” marks. Very easy.A monster truck birthday party cake made to look like a tire cake with a monster truck track

The monster truck course included the mud pit (courtesy of my son), a start/finish line, a jump over smaller cars, M&M bumps, grass, a toy monster truck, and a large trophy in the middle. It was a lot of fun to make, and the only special tool I needed was the Wilton grass tip and decorating bag.A monster truck birthday party cake made to look like a tire cake with a monster truck track

Monster Truck Party Favors

Every guest needs to leave a monster truck party with a monster truck of his own. We were lucky to find some monster trucks at the dollar store, but Amazon has this great pack of 12 Monster Pullback Trucks I could have bought with the cones.

The kids spent the last 20 minutes of the party driving their trucks around while parents came and picked up their kids. I also had this video ready to show, just in case.