Making a terrarium is a fun project for kids. It’s fun, creative, messy, and it teaches about taking care of something living. Once you’ve gathered the necessary supplies, kids will have fun putting it all together and watching their terrarium grow.Making a terrarium is the perfect craft for kids to make.

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Jane’s Craft Corner

Today, my 8-year-old daughter, Jane, is sharing how she made a terrarium. She found the idea of building a one from a Family Fun book and has been planning to make it for a while now. She’s been waiting until I could take pictures of her making it because she wanted to share it with you.

She started by finding a small, glass container at a thrift store. It was a pretty, yellowish glass, but she wanted it more personalized, so she decided to paint some decorations on the glass with a stencil and acrylic paint. She is really happy with the way the butterfly turned out.Acrylic paint with a stencil decorates the terrarium

Now, in her own words, here’s how Jane made a terrarium:

First, you will need: potting soil, small plants, charcoal, moss or grass seeds, pebbles, and toys or sculpture.The supplies for making a terrarium

Second, get the small rocks and put it in the bowl.

Third, put the charcoal in.Charcoal from a water filter works great in a terrarium

Then, put the potting soil in.Put soil, charcoal, and gravel in the bottom of the terrarium

After that, put small plant(s) in the bowl.Plants in a terrarium

Next, put moss or grass seeds in the bowl.Moss in the terrarium

Finally, put the toys or rocks in too.Adding rocks and decorations to the terrarium

Now you have a wonderful terrarium!The finished terrarium

I just wanted to add a couple details. The plant is a miniature mondo plant. It is slow growing, but one day it will probably need to be transplanted. For charcoal, we broke open an old water filter. It’s free, and it works just as well at keeping the water clean.A terrarium made by an 8 year old

Jane decided to keep her terrarium in her bathroom where she could see it everyday and remember to add water when the plants need it. She’s enjoying watching her plant and her grass seed grow.


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