A subtle love note disguised as a message in a bottle adds a little bit of fun to a romantic gesture.A special romantic message in a bottle | hidden love note | Valentine's flowers | anniversary gift

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Today’s post is going to be short because it’s my anniversary, but I wanted to share this simple gift that I made for my wonderful husband. It’s a vase of flowers with a secret love note inside.

Making a Message in a Bottle

It started as a soy sauce bottle. I love with food come in glass bottle because they are so much fun to reuse. Unlike plastic, they can be washed, and scrubbed, and perfectly cleaned. Any label comes off if you soak it long enough in water. And any glue residue can be scrubbed off with a scouring pad (Those will scratch plastic containers, though. I’ve learned that the hard way, a couple of times).A special message hidden in a bottle

With the label and cap removed, I washed the bottle thoroughly in soap and water. No more asian food smell. (And by the way, those are my blue refinished spice racks in the background.)A special message hidden in a bottle

I cut a standard blank paper so that it was as wide as the thick part of my bottle is tall. This way, when it’s rolled up, it will fit nicely in the main part of the bottle. Then I wrote my love note, and no, you can’t read it.A special message hidden in a bottle

I rolled up the note tightly and tied it with twine. I wanted it to be able to come back out of the bottle easily.A special message hidden in a bottle

Then I filled my bottle with some Bougainvillea stems that are blooming like crazy in our backyard right now. I love Bougainvillea. I didn’t add any water because the love note needs to stay dry. We can add water after my husband get his message out of the bottle.A special message hidden in a bottle

Here’s my finished vase with flowers. You can see the message inside, but it’s not very noticeable. It’s a fun way to tell my amazing husband, “I love you!”A special message hidden in a bottle