Grow wheat grass in a basket for a beautiful addition to your Easter decor. The living grass basket can be used as an Easter basket, a centerpiece, and so much more.Make a beautiful DIY basket for Easter filled with living grass | centerpiece idea | brunch fruit recipe | Easter basket idea | grow wheat grass

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Serve Easter brunch fruit kabobs in a basket filled with wheat grass | brunch idea
How to grow wheat grass from wheat berries or seeds in just a few days | Wheat grass for a beautiful living spring basket

I’ve made baskets and containers with wheat grass for Easter decoration and gifts several times before. It’s so easy and fast to grow wheatgrass, and the living grass looks fresh and perfect for springtime. So when I joined a group of bloggers in the Easter Inspiration Challenge 2018 to bring you a whole bunch of beautiful Easter decor ideas, I knew I wanted to make a video about using living wheatgrass to decorate.

Watch my video below, then go watch the rest of the Easter Inspiration Challenge videos here.

You’ll notice that the video has no voice over and just a few short directions. It’s really easy to grow wheatgrass in any container, but I wanted to give you a few helpful hints about wheatgrass and the different basket ideas I shared in the video.

How to Grow Wheat Grass

To grow wheatgrass, you need a container with drainage, soil, and wheat berries or seeds. I used a plastic basket from the dollar store and added my own drainage with a hole and some small rocks. I used lava rocks because I happened to have some left over from making my self-watering planters.

I used sphagnum peat moss for the soil, but any potting soil would work. I used peat moss because I have a huge bag of it for planting succulents. Actually, you can grow wheatgrass hydroponically so you don’t even need soil, but haven’t tried that yet.

Wheat seeds are called wheat berries and they are the wheat grains used to make flour. I bought mine in a bag at the grocery store, but sells them too.

Wheat grass grown in a basket or indoor containerWheatgrass grows really fast, you just need to keep the seeds moist. I sprayed them several times a day. It depends on your humidity. The temperature also matters. The grass in the video took a week to grow, but I’ve had it grow in less than 4 days when it was warmer.

When the wheatgrass is grown, it looks beautiful, but it’s also edible too. You can snip a little off and add it to your smoothie for extra fiber. And I’ve heard cats like it too.

A Floral Centerpiece

A sunflower bouquet arranged in a basket filled with living grassThe flowers in the video for the floral centerpiece are just a pre-made bouquet from the grocery store. I cut the stem short and stuck them in the grass.

The sunflower stems are thick so they were harder to get in, but I used a skewer to make a hole and that helped. If I did it again, I would put floral water tubes on the tips of the sunflower stems. It would make them go in easier and keep them watered. My centerpiece looked great the day I made it, but 2 days later the yellow petals were all wilted. And by the third day, the flowers were drooping and dying. The water in the soil just wasn’t enough to keep them alive.

Fruit Kabobs for Easter Brunch

Fruit kabobs with strawberries, grapes, cantaloupe, pineapple, and melon perfect for a spring brunchFor our wedding reception, a caterer suggested we serve fruit kabobs displayed in wheat grass for a fun spring display. We had to search for a flat of wheatgrass and paid a fortune for it at a health food store. I wish I had known how easy it was to grow.

There are lots of fruits in season in the spring to choose from in making kabobs. Just make sure they are solid enough to hold up on the kabob stick. The kabobs can be made the day before serving and stored in the fridge, as long as there is nothing that will turn brown, like apples.

One of the best things about serving fruit kabobs in wheatgrass is that the next day you can turn any leftovers into a yummy smoothie, and add a little of the wheatgrass too.

An Easter Gift Basket

A spa gift basket filled with living grass and DIY soaps, bath salts, bath bombs, a pedicure kit, and a washcloth bunnyThe spa gift basket in the video is filled mostly with DIY spa treats. You can read how to make scented bath salts and homemade soaps in my DIY Spa Gift post from last Christmas. I also tried to make DIY bath bombs for this basket, but I wasn’t super happy with how they turned out. I think one day I’ll experiment with several different recipes I’ve found online for DIY bath bomb and find out which recipe works best. Then I can share that with you. One day.

Because it’s Easter, I also added a washcloth folded into the shape of a bunny. I found a tutorial online, but you could also just watch Creative Ramblings video about how to fold a napkin into the shape of a bunny.

A Traditional Candy Easter Basket

An Easter basket filled with living wheat grass and chocolate Easter candies and eggsAnd of course, I had to add a traditional Easter basket filled with candy. Real grass looks so much better than any fake plastic “grass” you can buy. Plus, you won’t be finding stray bits of it around your home for the next few months.

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