It’s easy to make a shield out of a pizza pan and a few simple supplies. Watch the video tutorial for all the details.How to make a shield from a pizza pan | a simple DIY shield that's perfect for a Halloween costume or Percy Jackson party

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We made 10 of these shields for our Percy Jackson party, so each guest could decorate and take home her own. Oh, and use them for battle practice. I was going to include this video in the original post about the party, but I was already sharing so many details, I decided to share this separately.

We decorated the shields with beads, acrylic paint, glitter glue, and other craft supplies ┬áto match each person’s cabin at Camp Half-blood. But, you could make a more realistic looking shield by creating a design with a glue gun then painting over the shield with Rub n Buff. (You can see how amazing Rub n Buff looks on my Steampunk Nerf Gun.)

How to Make a Shield: Video Tutorial


Supplies to Make a Shield

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And here’s the tools I used to make a shield in the video:

Like the sword in the picture? I’ll be posting how we made this wooden sword for a Nazgul (Lord of the Rings) costume soon!

These shields were so easy to make and inexpensive enough to use as party favors. Our guests had a lot of fun decorating their shields. Plus, this simple shield could be decorated and used for all sorts of Halloween costumes.