Make a hexagon gift box using a piece of poster board, then add some bee details and your gift box will look like it’s from a beehive. Fill it full of goodies and tell someone, “You bee-long!”

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Make a hexagon gift box using a piece of poster board | Add beehived themed gifts to tell someone "You Bee-long!" or give a box of sunshine | Fun gift idea for friends and YW

How to Make a Hexagon Box with Poster Board

I used poster board from Dollar Tree to make gift boxes. It’s a great price and good quality. Click here to buy their yellow poster board in bulk and have it delivered.

Cut the poster board in half lengthwise so you have a piece that is 28 inches long. 28 inches is perfect because it can be easily divided by 7. But we’re making a 6-sided hexagon, why would we want it divided into 7!? Because two sides have to overlap, so you will end up with 6 sides. Any standard-size poster board (which is 22 by 28 inches) is perfect. You can actually make your box any size (or color) that you like, just as long as you can divide it into 7 sections.

One piece of poster board makes exactly 2 hexagon gift boxes

Draw a line every 4 inches, so you have 7 sections. I used a bone folder to crease those lines, but you can use a ruler or just fold it carefully to make creases so it’s easy to cut and assemble later.

To make a hexagon gift box divide the poster board into 7 sections

Next, draw a long line that is 3.5 inches from the top. If you are making your box a different size, this will need to be 1/2 the width of the finished hexagon, so you’ll need to do some math. Then draw another long line that is 3.5 inches from the bottom. Use a bone folder and crease those lines too.

Then cut the six lines you marked previously only above and below the 3.5-inch mark. This will cut the flaps for the top and the bottom of the hexagon gift box.

Cut the top and bottom tabs to make the gift box lid and base

Now cut off the top and bottom corner rectangles on one side. The piece in the middle that’s left is going to be the part that overlaps. It doesn’t need to have a top or bottom.

Add double-sided tape to that overlapping piece. Put tape all over the flap and don’t be stingy. You don’t want the hexagon gift box to look like it’s coming apart when the box is finished.

Make a hexagon gift box with a beehive theme using yellow poster board and goodies from the dollar store | A creative gift idea for friends

Tape the two sides together so the poster board forms a long hexagon tube. Don’t worry if it looks more like a circle or a strange hexagon instead of the perfect hexagon gift box you want.

Connect the flap to create a hexagon-shaped gift box

Folding the top and bottom flaps together is the trickiest part of this hexagon box. But if you get them lined up correctly first, they all fit together and close really easily. Just make sure each flap overlaps the flap next to it like in the picture below. Then push them all down together.

Fold the poster board into a hexagon shape to make the gift box

When they are pushed down, they make this cool spiral design. You can cut the square flaps to another shape to add even more detail, just be sure the center of the flap stays the right length.

The DIY hexagon gift box has a lid that closes in a spiral

The bottom flaps do not interlock in a way that keeps them closed, so you need to add a base that will keep the bottom closed and give it enough support to hold whatever gifts and goodies you are going to put inside. You will need a piece of cardboard or other heavyweight paper or cardboard.

Using a compass, make a circle that is 7 inches wide.

The hexagon gift box is 7 inches wide so it needs a 7-inch circle base

Cut out the circle and glue it into the bottom of the hexagon gift box on the inside. This base will not show when the gift is open because there will be tissue paper or other filler hiding it. I used school glue because I know it will hold the weight of a gift. Glue stick or glue gun would not be strong enough.

The school glue will need to dry for a few hours, and you should place a weight on top of the base, inside the gift box, to press the base onto the bottom flaps so they dry securely.

Add a circle of cardstock to stabilize the base of the gift box

Bee Themed Gift Boxes

I made several of these honeycomb-shaped gift boxes to give to my Young Women class at church. I filled them with lots of bee-themed goodies. I bought Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm, Bee stickers, and cute bee necklace charms from Amazon (FYI, the necklace charms are good quality and have lovely details and they are a great price, but they take up to 2 months to ship). I also bought Bit O’Honey candies and yellow sticky notes from Dollar Tree.

A bee themed gift box makes a fun gift with this beehive-shaped gift box

Dollar Tree also sells fun tissue paper, like this sequin sparkle white tissue paper, at a great price.

Several gift boxes ready to share with a group of friends to let them know that "You Belong!"

The Beehive gift boxes were a hit. The girls loved them. I made them again during the Pandemic with a note that said “You Bee-long!” so they would remember that they are a part of our class even when we can’t meet together in person. Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures that time.