We needed a new electrical outlet in our garage for our irrigation timer, so we connected to an existing outlet in the garage to create one.A video tutorial showing how to DIY a new electrical outlet

Another video! Finally! I’ve been wanted to make once since I posted How to Hem Curtains, but videos take time. My goal is to do a few more this year because I think videos explain things better than a picture with words.

The video shows how we put in a new electrical outlet. We added it in an unfinished garage, but you could easily do the same steps inside a house. You would just need to make a hole in your drywall for the new outlet box and thread the wire through the studs inside.

As with any DIY project, please be smart and safe. This short video cannot tell you everything you need to know about working with electrical systems. It is simply an overview of how we added a new electrical outlet in our home. When you do a DIY project in your own home, you assume all responsibility and liability for your project. Simple Practical Beautiful assumes no liability for viewers actions or inactions. Also, be sure to follow your local electrical codes.