Make some scary fun monster costumes for kids this Halloween with a DIY werewolf, a vampire princess, and a baby mummy in his own sarcophagus stroller.

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Our family loves to dress up for Halloween. Every year on November 1st (and sometimes before) we start brainstorming what our costumes will be for the next year. Then, I spend all year slowly getting them together. I would love to show you our costumes for Halloween this year. Unfortunately, they’re, umm, not done yet. I will probably be finishing the last details as we walk out the door to trick or treat. So, I’m going to share the next best thing, last years Halloween costumes! Steampunk monster hunters versus monsters. Here’s my little monsters.


Stylish DIY werewolf costumeMy tween was a werewolf. I made an animal hat with arms from some beautiful fur fabric I found at a little fabric store in Orange County using Simplicity 1795.

Stylish DIY werewolf costumeI also made fur leg warmers to match. They were so easy; just a rectangle sewn together on the sides. I tried to make a tie for the top, but it didn’t need one. The fur is so stiff, the leg warmers stayed up just fine.

Stylish DIY werewolf costumeShe didn’t want to be a scary or bad werewolf, so she added some Native American accessories to look more like a wolf spirit animal.

Vampire Princess

Beautiful DIY vampire princess costumeThe only way my girly girl would agree to be a monster was if she was a vampire princess, emphasis on the princess. So, I used a princess dress pattern, Simplicity 5520, and black fabric with a red spider web detail.

Beautiful DIY vampire princess costumeI also made a miniature top hat to match her dress. She’s a very chic vampire princess.

Beautiful DIY vampire princess costumeShe especially liked wearing bright red lipstick.


DIY baby mummy costume with stroller sarcophagusTo make a baby mummy costume, I took a yard of muslin fabric and ripped it into strips (if you make a small cut with scissors to start the rip, most fabric tears very easily along the grain). I soaked it in tea to make it look aged, but that didn’t seem to do much. I took an old shirt and pants and hand sewed the strips of fabric around them. The messier to sewing, the better it looks. I stretch the t-shirt slightly as I sewed. We still had to cut a slit in the back of the shirt to get his head through.

DIY baby mummy costume with stroller sarcophagusI tied two strips together and wrapped them around his head. Yeah, that didn’t stay on very long.

DIY baby mummy costume with stroller sarcophagusThe best part of the mummy costume is the stroller that my genius husband made. It’s just a cardboard box with two holes cut in the top for the stroller handles to go through. He printed random hieroglyphics onto tan paper and glued them on the box. Then he printed a sarcophagus head on the tan paper, added cardboard to the back, and taped it onto the top of the box. He used some brown packaging paper on the back of the head to make it more 3 dimensional.

DIY baby mummy costume with stroller sarcophagusHaving a stroller as part of the costume made Halloween with a baby so much easier.

Making monster costumes for my kids was a lot of fun. Pretending to fight the monsters for pictures was even more fun.

Beautiful DIY vampire princess costumeStylish DIY werewolf costumeI’ll share how we made our steampunk monster-hunter costumes in my next posts.

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