12 innovative, unique, and affordable gift ideas for the tech lover this Christmas, including speakers, disposable flash drives, and a way to connect to your car’s computer.

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Gift ideas for the technology lover on your listMy husband loves technology. He’s always researching the latest innovation and the newest upgrade. As a tech lover, the stuff he likes is very specific and usually very expensive. That makes it hard to buy gifts for him (sorry Wayne, but it’s true).

I’m sure there is someone on your list who loves technology too. So, I’ve put together a list of gadgets and accessories that are innovative, useful, and under $50. Stuff my husband would like. Stuff any tech lover on your list would love to receive. Plus, all of these products are made by small businesses that are just starting out and need your support. The links are affiliated links, which means I may earn a small commission if you buy something, so you’re supporting this blog too!

Tech Gift Ideas Under  $50


Gigs 2 Go: Tear-Away Flash Drives are a pack of jump drives you keep in your pocket. Made from recycled materials, these little pull-apart 8GB thumb drives are handy and perfect for sharing large files.


AERIX Drones: TURBO-X Drone is an affordable drone for beginners. It’s designed to stay safe while you learn to pilot. Perfect for anyone that’s always wanted to fly a drone, but can’t afford the high price.


Fix all those little plastic parts that break off of cases, cords, glasses, toys, or anything plastic. This Bondic liquid plastic welder can also repair wood and metal too.


AfterShokz headphones that sit outside your ear so you can still hear everything that’s going on around you. The sound is conducted through your bone, so whether on the job or out running, you can still hear your music and everything else too.
starting at $49


Love your old-school sound system but want it to be wireless? This Rocki: Wi-Fi Speaker Adapter will let any speaker system stream music with a wi-fi signal while keeping the music high quality.


Or if you need a high-quality portable speaker, the NudeAudio: Move S Portable Bluetooth Speaker looks good and produces premium sound quality in a very small size.


Never leave your charger cable behind again. This ChargerLeash: Pro-Series Charge & Sync Smart Lightning Cable is an attachment that sounds an alarm whenever the charger is unplugged, so you remember not to leave it behind.


Felix HoldTight: Utility iPhone Case is a utility iPhone case that holds credit cards, earbuds, and house keys with adjustable silicone straps. Very functional and nice looking.


Apple users will love these custom charger stickers, like Meo: Geometric Charger Label, that add personality to your computer’s cords and charger.


Just press this button to perform any virtual task. With the Bluetooth Smart Button
iconyou can program it to do any series of actions on your phone or computer.


This ABOVE THE FRAY: PowerPlay top grain leather organizer keeps your power cord safe and contained. Made by Above the Fray, which also makes a smaller organizer for earbuds.

And if the Lego iPhone case isn’t enough, you can cover your whole laptop with Lego bricks with this Brik Book for the Macbook Pro.