Today I want to share one of my favorite projects with you: old picture frames repurposed to make a jewelry display in a gallery wall. It’s a storage solution, room decor, and a very convenient way to add accessories to an outfit.Decorate your walls with jewelry. Beautiful decor and storage solution all in one.

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First, some backstory:

A few years ago, I found the book The Fashion File: Advice, Tips, and Inspiration from the Costume Designer of Mad Men by Janie Bryant. Although I’m not a fan of the show, I love the style. It was a fun book with lots of great fashion advice, but the tip I liked most was:

“Wink at yourself in the mirror before you leave the house and add one more accessory.”

In general, I tend to dress very simply. But it struck a chord that adding an accessory would finish an outfit, just like the accessories of a room complete it and make it feel like a lived in space. So, I tried. And failed.

I realized that because all of my jewelry was neatly tucked in lovely jewelry boxes, I never wore any. In the rush to get ready each day, the last thing on my mind was rummaging through tiny drawers to find something that went with my outfit.

I needed to be able to see and get to my entire stock of jewelry all at once. I needed a gallery wall. And I happened to have space in my tiny powder room (a.k.a. master bathroom) to make one.

My Inspiration

There are a lot of beautiful gallery walls on, but here’s a photo of one in a bathroom

My Plan

I really like making gallery walls with all different shapes and sizes of frames. I did a gallery of my children’s artwork where I put foam core covered in geometric wrapping paper into frames and added push pins. My kids pinned up their favorite artwork, and changed it out whenever they had something new to show.

This gallery of jewelry frames would need to be a little different since they would need to hold the weight of the jewelry. I also wanted them to look a little softer, more like jewelry boxes, so I used fabric scraps on the backing. I wasn’t sure what would work best as jewelry hangers (hooks, wire, etc), so I tried several. I ended up liking the eclectic look of having each frame different, so I kept it that


  • Several picture frames of different sizes with the glass, picture, and any mat removed
  • Fabric, lace, or other material to cover the cardboard backing of the frame
  • Hooks, pushpins, nails or wires for hanging jewelry

(The following contains a few affiliated links that I hope will help explain the supplies I used.)

Here’s what I did for each jewelry display frame:

Cork and push-pins

cork in a frame holds necklaces

cork drawer liner makes a bulletin board-like frame

I used a 9X11 frame, and stuck cork drawer liner onto the back cardboard and added push-pins. Perfects for my chains. I also used sewing pins to display other charms I had, so I can swap out the charms easily. I also stuck in a huge flower pin. I rarely wear it, but it looks really eye-catching on the frame.

Fabric and push-pins

push-pins holding necklaces

thick cardboard will hold push-pin

This frame had a corrugated cardboard backing (thick, but not solid), so I used pushpins again. I covered the cardboard in a purple fabric that matched our bed’s duvet cover. I had to hang smaller, lighter necklaces on this frame because the push pins don’t hold very much before falling out.

Lace with wires and s-hooks


lace in a frame holds rings and pins

lace is enough to hold light-weight pins and rings

s-hooks in lace holding jewelry

s-hooks go into the lace and hold light weight jewelry like bracelets

I used an old lace doily that was stained and ripped for these frames. Luckily, all three frames had a dark colored backing that looked good under the lace. The rectangular frame is even velvet flocked behind the lace, which is pretty cool. I wrapped the lace around the backing and taped it on with masking tape. I put S-hooks and wire coils on the lace for hanging rings and bracelets. Some of the pins and necklaces I just hung straight on the lace.

tape holds the lace to the back of the frame

masking tape holds the decorative lace

This is the back of one of the frames with lace, so you can see how simply I attached the lace.

Lace with wire pushed through the backing

coiled wire holding necklaces

curled wire goes through the backing of the frame

This is a bigger frame with the same lace and wire coils. The cardboard backing didn’t look nice, so there is some purple fabric underneath the lace. I used the same lace on this frame, but because I need this one to hold larger, heavier necklaces, I didn’t want the lace to bear the weight. It would have ripped. I poked holes in the backing with a hammer and a small nail, then pushed some wire pieces through each hole. The wire behind the frame pushes against the backing and holds the weight of the necklace. I also taped the part of the wire behind the frame to the backing for extra security.

plastic-coated wire coiled around a pencil

wire coils made on a pencil

Since I made wire coils for a few frames, here’s quick explanation. I cut a 2 inch piece of plastic coated wire and wrapped it around a pencil. I twisted it halfway into the lace and hung jewelry on the half still sticking out.

Clip-on earring holder

wire holding earrings in a frame

wire holds my clip-on earrings

There are so many cute ideas out there for displaying earrings. Unfortunately, they are all for pierced earrings. I don’t have pierced ears so all of my earrings are clip-on or magnet earrings, which don’t work with all those cute ideas.

masking tapes holds the wire on the frame

the wire for the earrings is taped onto the cardboard backing

After taping the fabric on the backing, I used a hammer and nail to make 12 holes. Then I pushed a small piece of wire halfway through each hole and taped it onto the back. I bent front part of the wire a little to make it more hook-like.

I also have a little bag of magnet earrings hanging on a wire. It works best to keep them contained because the magnets stick to everything.

Resin panel with hooks


a resin panel with hooks holding necklaces

A resin panel with hooks

My favorite display turned out not to be a frame at all. I had a scrap of resin from 3Form that I screwed hooks into and then bolted onto the wall. I put washers behind the bolts to make the plastic hang off the wall a little. I painted the bolts copper, which I like, and one day I will get around to painting the washers too, maybe.

Hooks in the wall

hooks in the wall hold large necklaces

hooks screwed into the wall

I have a few longer necklaces that didn’t fit inside any frame I own or had room for, so I screwed some hooks straight into the wall. It was so easy and works so well, that if I had to do this whole thing over again, I might just use hooks in the wall for everything and hang backless frames around it.


two ideas that didn't work

I had 2 fails. The first was pinning ribbon across the top of the frame. It was too much work to get the necklaces on and off because I had to undo and redo the clasp each time. Plus, I didn’t like how it looked. The second used the same ribbon, but I taped loops over the top. The loops didn’t hold the weight, and it had the same problem of too much work re-clasping the necklace on every time I tried one on.

Fabric with hooks

hooks holding necklaces

the hooks connect into a piece of wood behind the frame

When I redid this frame, I added hooks. To hold the hooks on this frame, I attached a thin piece of wood to the top of the back. The hooks screw through the cardboard backing and into the wood. It’s really sturdy.

Picture hanging hooks

picture of the wood piece on the back of the frame

a piece of wood on the back of the frame to hold the nails

To fix this frame, I found some lovely gold picture hanging nail and hooks. I’m not sure why you would hang a picture with a gold hook that would end up hidden behind the frame, but for my project, these are great. There is a thin board behind the backing (like the last frame) to hammer the nails into. Although I should have marked where each nail went before I hammered. The hooks ended up a little unevenly spaced.

picture frame hooks holding necklaces

gold picture frame hooks are sturdy enough to hold heavier necklaces

A Picture

a picture of me and my grandmother

me and my great-grandmother dancing together

Most of my coolest jewelry came from my grandmothers, so I hung a picture of my Great-Grandma Fox dancing with me as a little kid to go with my jewelry collection. It makes me smile every time I look at it.

a gallery wall of jewelry

That’s my jewelry display gallery wall. You’ll notice that none of the jewelry is very valuable. That’s all stored somewhere safer. Also, one day I would like to paint the wall behind the frame gallery a deep color, I’m just not sure what color. Until I decide, I can still enjoy my jewelry as a decoration. And I actually wear my jewelry now!


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