Build a fun park for your fairy to swing, slide, and play in your fairy garden, as explained by a 7 year-old.Build a park in your fairy garden, including a swing, slide, sandbox, pond, and plants

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Both of my daughters really like making fairy gardens in a little dirt strip between our patio and a chain-link fence. They can spend hours building houses, designing gardens, and creating fun details for little fairies.

fairy gardens and homes

fairy gardens and homes being built on the side of our yard

Recently my daughter, Jane, planned, built, and created a miniature park for her fairies. In her own words, here’s what she did:


First, I thought about how I could make a fairy garden park. Next, I wanted a swing, a slide, a pond, and a lot of plants in my park. After that, I planned my ideas on a big paper. Then, I designed the ideas with details so I knew exactly what I was going to do. Last, I made little symbols to remind me where to put the things I needed to.

the plan to create a park

the plan to create a swing and a slide for a fairy park

Building a swing and a slide

First, I collected my four sticks, one piece of wood chip, and two little pieces of rope for the swing. Then, I collected a long piece of wood chip, three little pieces of stick, and two long pieces of stick for the slide. Next, I glue gunned them all together. Last, I let them dry.

slide and swing built of sticks, wood chips, and hemp rope

the slide and swing are built with sticks, wood chips, and hemp string that are glued or tied together

Outside, in the fairy garden

First, I found a nice shady spot that was clear. Second, I collected plants (with roots). Then, I planted the plants. Next, I decided that instead of a pond I would have a sandbox and a rock climbing place because I didn’t know how I was going to do a pond. After that, I put all of my things in the nice shady spot. Last, I let the fairies explore the park .

An overhead view of the fairy park

an overhead view of the fairy park

the swing in the park

the swing, ready for fairies to play

the slide

the slide, which the fairies often tip over – they are a little wild

the sandbox

the sandbox is much more fun than a pond would have been

rock climbing place

a rock climbing place for fairies who like to explore

Just a note, my girls have the book Fairy Garden Handbook by Liza Gardner Walsh, which has given them a lot of great ideas and inspiration. It was a good starting place to get them creating their own fairy gardens.

Have you created a fairy garden? Please share what you’ve made in the comments below.