It’s easy to DIY a custom drawer organizer to keep everything neat, organized, and in its place.How to build your own bathroom drawer organizer

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My daughters’ bathroom was a disaster, to say the least. They left things all over their bathroom counter because they knew that if they put something in the drawer, no one would ever be able to find it again.

Before the bathroom drawer organizerIt had been organized before. We tried making organizers from old cereal boxes and using shoe box lids. That helped, but since they weren’t custom-made to fit the drawer, they moved around and were never very effective. Plus the cardboard wore out quickly with all the use.

I wanted to created something nicer, more stable, and more permanent, so I bought some boards that are 2.5 inches wide and 1/4 inch thick to build my own drawer organizer.

The drawer is exactly 18.25 inches wide, and 17.5 inches deep. These measurements need to be exact so that the new organizer willl fit snuggly and not move around. I didn’t want to glue in the organizer because a bathroom drawer needs to be cleaned and wiped out often. I wanted this to be a removable drawer organizer.How to measure a custom bathroom drawer organizer

I cut one board 17.5 inches to fit down the middle of the drawer. This way each daughter gets her own side of the drawer (it’s the only drawer in this bathroom). I’ve found that living together is easier for my daughters if they each have their own space. We are currently working on that in their bedroom too.

I cut two more boards to 18.25 inches to divide the space for hair things, skin care, etc. I planned to have a smaller narrow compartment at the front of each side and two larger compartments behind those.

I made notches where the two boards would meet the center board by marking the notch, then sawing through the notch several times to break it down. Then I went back with a chisel to clean up the cut.Red mahogany DIY bathroom drawer organizer

I stained the boards a red mahogany to go with the pink contact paper that will line the drawer and coated them in paste wax (my favorite wood finish right now—it’s so easy to apply).

How to build your own bathroom drawer organizerThe side and back of the drawer were unfinished wood, so I stained those mahogany to match, and added the contact paper. It’s mostly white (which will look cleaner, and more sanitary) with a pink, floral design. I love contact paper in drawers because it can easily be changed out.How to build your own bathroom drawer organizer

Here’s the final organizer. I think it turned out pretty well.How to DIY a custom bathroom drawer organizer If you have any ideas or tips on how to keep a bathroom drawer organized, please share in the comments below. I, or rather my girls, could definitely use the advice. Thanks!


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