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I love how similar small frames look when they are all grouped together. One tiny frame alone would be way too small on a wall, but together they have a unified look. And instead of having to find the perfect-sized artwork for a space, you can just add as many frames as you need to fill it.Create a collage or gallery of small frames using beautiful photos from an old calendar. See the finished wall at


My girls’ room has almost no wall space to put pictures and stuff. Their tiny room has a wall-length window (with balloon shades), a bunk bed, a tall bookshelf, a wide closet, and a large mirror. So we decided to use the small space above the closet for pictures. We happened to have 5 cute, small frames that would fit perfectly there.

The frames are 7X7 inches and matte black, so we needed silver spray paint to match their cute IKEA chandelier. We used RustOleum Metallic. We also needed 5X5 inch pictures, all with similar subjects. We found a flower calendar at the dollar store, which was perfect since were working on a flower theme for their room. Also, we laid down an old tablecloth to work on.

A collection of small frames

First we painted the frames, making sure to move around and paint from every side. With picture frames especially, you need to paint the inside edge and the outside edge on each side evenly. And always spray several light coats, so you don’t get drips.

spray paint the frames silver

We really liked how the frames looked after just a couple coats, with some of the black showing through a little in the crevices, so we stopped there.

a calendar is a great place to find similar photos

Next, my girls used the glass from the frames to outline which pictures they wanted to cut out. This was a great opportunity to tell them about some of the composition tips I’ve been learning, like rule of thirds and proportion.

Cut out photos by placing the glass on top of the picture

Since the calendar had 16 pictures, we could choose 5 that worked really well. They are pictures of flowers that are not too large for the frames or too small to be seen from across the room.

Cut out photos by placing the glass on top of the picture

Cut out photos by placing the glass on top of the picture

While the frames were taken apart, we also cleaned the glass really well. I hate it when I have a picture all put together and ready to go on the wall and then notice a smudge or something on the inside of the frame.

Clean the picture frame glass while the frame is apart

We put the pictures back together: frame, glass, photo, and backing.

A finished frame with flowers

I think they turned our pretty well.

A finished frames with flowers



Here they are up on the wall above the closet. I spaced them 7-inches apart so they would fill the space evenly without feeling too spread out.

A collection of small frames are perfect above a closet

I have to add that since our tween closet reorganization, the closet has become a little messier, but has stayed pretty well organized. I’d call that success. Now all we need is something to close off the closet to make the room feel more finished. I’m thinking simple curtains. Hopefully I’ll post about those soon. Also, you can read how to make those balloon shade curtains.A collection of small frames are perfect above a closet

Both girls are happy to have a little more decoration in their room, and the flower pictures and frames add some color and texture to an otherwise blank, useless space.


A collection of small frames are perfect above a closet


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