Celebrate with all of your demi-god friends—a Camp Half-blood birthday party to remember, based on the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus series.

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Because one Percy Jackson party isn’t enough, a few years after we celebrated my daughter’s 12th birthday with a Percy Jackson-themed party, my second daughter wanted a  Camp Halfblood party. This time it was a party for teenagers, so we included different activities. Really, though, any of these ideas could be used with kids of all ages. If you haven’t read about our first Percy Jackson party, make sure to check it out here.

Camp Half-blood t-shirts for all the guests at the Percy Jackson party

T-shirt Invitations

In Rick Riordan’s books, anyone who goes to Camp Halfblood gets the orange t-shirt. And he gives a great description of what it looks like. Since we wanted all of our guest to come wearing a Camp Halfblood shirt, we made one for each person we invited. Then we delivered them as part of their invitation.

Making a graphic t-shirt is pretty easy. Finding orange t-shirts that teenagers would wear was the hardest part. I wish I could give you a good source, but I think we got ours from Walmart and their selection is hit or miss. Once we had enough t-shirts, I googled “Camp Halfblood shirt design” images and there were a lot of options to choose from. You can read my post about Making a Graphic Tee to see how we turned an image we found online into a t-shirt.

The Camp Half-blood party invitations were shipping boxes with orange t-shirts inside

Once the shirts we done, and dry, we folded them up and put them in brown boxes. We bought a bundle of these brown boxes on Amazon for another project a couple of years ago and we have used them for everything; Christmas gifts, shipping, bread boxes, and more. They are great.

We made a fake shipping label to put on the outside of the box that had all the information about the party. This was our Camp Halfblood party invitation.

The Entrance to Camp Halfblood

We’ve found that getting people to dress up for a party gets the guests really excited to be there. In this case, the t-shirt invitation did that. Having an amazing entrance also gets everyone excited to be at the party. I think we sometimes put more effort into making a cool entrance than we do with all the other decorations for the party. (Just look at the rabbit hole we built.) And it pays off. Everyone feels like they are at Camp Halfblood and it doesn’t matter that they are really just in a regular backyard.

A cardboard greek temple entrance to the Camp Half-blood party

At the front of the entrance (the start of our sideyard) we built a cardboard Greek temple. It’s just two tall cardboard pillars with four sides and a triangle of cardboard at the top. We painted decorations on the triangle to look kind of like the Parthenon. We’ve found that our local Lowes shipping and receiving department is a great source for large cardboard, just FYI. We’ve built a pirate ship, a rabbit hole, and the town of Nauvoo out of cardboard.

Behind the cardboard temple entrance, we hung black plastic sheets. We used 3-4 rolls of black plastic sheeting and covered the entire side yard, attaching it to our roof with duct tape and letting the other edge hang over the neighbor’s fence (yes, we asked permission first). Then we put a few sheets of black plastic hanging from a rope that kids would have to walk past. One was at the beginning, just behind the temple. One was at the end of the sideyard. And there were two in the middle. We painted images of a Greek monster on each of the hanging sheets with white paint.

Greek minotaur painted on black plastic inside of a foggy tunnel

Now that the black plastic made an enclosed tunnel for the guests to walk through, we put our fog machine inside the tunnel. We have this fog machine and it comes with a remote. So whenever a guest arrived, we turned on the fog machine. I looked really cool and was awesome to walk through. I wish I could show you, but all I have is this grainy photo of one of the painted monsters.

Camp Halfblood Year Beads

In the books, for each year the demigods are at Camp Halfblood, they get a bead to commemorate. So we started our party by making those wooden beads. We bought wooden beads like these and got leather cord to hang them on. The kids painted as many beads as they wanted with acrylic paint and set them on toothpicks to dry. They weren’t able to wear them until later in the party. 

painting Camp Half-blood year beads
Painted wood beads drying on a toothpick

The Snack Bar

In the books, Percy and his friends go to Hoover Dam and buy some food at the snack bar there. They refer to it as the dam snack bar. My 8-year-old thinks this is the best part of the book, so he set up his own snack bar. It worked great because the guests were able to get snacks to eat and the little brother felt like he was part of his sister’s party.

The dam snack bar at a Percy Jackson party

The Demigod Battle

One of the most important parts of Camp Halfblood is to have a battle where the campers can practice fighting and strategy. In the books, this battle is similar to Capture the Flag. Since we have a small backyard, we changed it to make it more interesting. Instead, we had a color war. 

I looked into making my own color powder with corn starch, but I found these color powders online and figured the small extra cost was worth the convenience and time-saving. I sewed some bags out of sheer fabric for some colors and used cut-up nylons for others. I should have just used the nylons. They were much easier to make and they shed color powder much better.

Camp Half-blood t-shirts for all the guests at the Percy Jackson party
A color battle with color powder flying at the Camp Half-blood party

Since all of the party-goers were teenagers, I let them come up with their own rules and objectives for the game. I’m not even sure what they were, but it sounded pretty complicated. They had a blast, figuratively and literally. We put a cardboard boat we had left over from a PTA event in the middle of the grass to divide the teams. Really, any divider would have been fine. And just let the kids play. The sprinklers washed everything away the next morning, although I did find a leftover nylon pouch a week or two later.

Celebrate with all of your demi-god friends—a Camp Half-blood birthday party to remember

You can see their battle-stained shirts in this photo of them eating food later. This is another reason we gave each of the guests a t-shirt to wear. They were all a mess. Some of them even used color powder to put war paint on their faces. They had so much fun with the color.

Eating dinner while wearing their Camp Half-blood T-shirts

The Food at Camp Halfblood

In the books, food every night magically appears in cornucopias for the campers. So, I cut up strips of cardboard and made a cornucopia to decorate the table. We had a lot of fresh fruit, bread, and some pulled pork. We also had a soda bar (you can see it in the background of the photo above) where the kids could add a pump or two of flavoring to their soda. I got these pumps from Amazon and we’ve used them at several parties.

Food coming out of a cardboard cornucopia at a party

Also from the books, the characters must give a burnt offering to the greek gods during dinner. So we set up our portable fire pit (which we love taking camping and to the beach) and the kids each dropped a little bit of their food into the fire. Plus, the fire added cool light and ambience to the party.

Sitting by a portable camp fire

Ending the Party with a Movie

We ended the party by watching the first Percy Jackson movie. It’s on Amazon Prime, just FYI. Or there’s the show on Disney+.

We inflated two kiddie pools and added blankets and pillows for the kids to sit and hang out in. Then we set up our projector and a temporary screen (large bed sheet with clothes pins) to show the movie. You can see more about how we did all of it at our Star Gazing Party. My kids and their friends enjoyed it so much, they’ve had many more movie nights since.

A star gazing birthday party with constellation activities, glow stick fun, a galaxy cake, and nighttime fun. Perfect birthday idea for teens or tweens

All of the kids had read and loved the Percy Jackson series, so they had a really good time laughing and making fun of all the mistakes in the movie.  Besides the “Dam Snack Bar” for treats, we also passed around a tub of Red Vines and popcorn.

This Camp Halfblood party was a huge success, but if you haven’t read my post about our first Percy Jackson party where we created an escape-room-style quest, make sure to check it and find lots more Camp Halfblood party ideas. Both of these parties turned out great and would be great for kids in elementary school through high school. It’s a great party theme for any Percy Jackson fan.

How to plan a Percy Jackson party including a free printable quest, craft ideas, invitations, and more. Host your birthday party at Camp Half-Blood