See the IKEA SEKTION cabinet door instructions in real life images, step-by-step tutorial so you can see where each piece and part of the door and hinge fit together.DIY installation of an IKEA Sektion cabinet with Utrusta hinges and soft-close

Here’s the last in my video post series on how to assemble and install parts from the IKEA SEKTION system.  I’ve posted about how to assemble a base cabinet and how to assemble a kitchen drawer. Today’s post is my video on attaching the hinges and door of a cabinet. This would work for an upper or lower cabinet.

I created these videos because the black and white instructions that came with the parts of the IKEA SEKTION kitchen were a little vague. They are just drawings. So I thought it would be helpful to other homeowners to show how the kitchen assembly looks in real life. There are way too many different pieces for me to show all of the different instructions, so I made a video for each of the main parts of a kitchen: the cabinet, the drawers, and now the doors.DIY installation of an IKEA Sektion cabinet with Utrusta hinges and soft-close

Just a caution as you follow these videos—many of the IKEA SEKTION cabinet pieces are similar but have slightly different directions. Sometimes there are even multiple sets of instructions in one instruction book, and you have to figure out which one works for your pieces. It’s not hard, just be aware that door and hinge I attach in the video may be slightly different from the one you are working on. Most of the steps will be the same, but if there is something different, please follow the instructions that came with your cabinet. Also, if your cabinet has drawers in it, that will affect where you can place your hinges.

How to Attach an IKEA SEKTION Cabinet Door video


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