See the IKEA SEKTION base cabinet instructions in real life images, step-by-step tutorial so you can see where each piece and part of the cabinet fit together.Video tutorial showing how to assemble an IKEA kitchen cabinet | IKEA SEKTION | Cabinet building

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We recently remodeled our kitchen with the IKEA SEKTION cabinet system. It was easy to install and looks great. I’ll be posting a final “kitchen reveal” soon so you can see the entire finished kitchen, but I love how it turned out.

Each piece of the IKEA SEKTION kitchen comes packages in it’s own box, ready to assemble, with printed instructions. The instructions aren’t difficult, but like all IKEA furniture, they are just black and white drawings with no descriptions. I think the instructions would be much easier to follow if you could see how the pieces go together in real life, so I created a set of videos to show how each of the four main parts gets put together: base cabinet, drawers, upper cabinet, and doors. Below is the video for the IKEA SEKTION base cabinet. The rest will be posted soon.

Many of the pieces are similar but have slightly different directions. For example, the directions for a 12-inch base cabinet will be different from the directions for a 36-inch cabinet. Sometimes there are even multiple sets of instructions in one instruction book, and you have to figure out which one works for your pieces. It’s not hard, just be aware that cabinet I build in the video may be slightly different from the one you are working on. (It’s a 24-inch base cabinet, fyi.) Most of the steps will be the same, but if there is something different, please follow the instructions that came with your cabinet.

How to Assemble an IKEA Base Cabinet video

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