Silk plants need to be dusted, but there’s an easier way than wiping down each leaf with a dust rag. It’s also easier on your seasonal allergies.

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This is so much easier than dusting fake plants with a dust cloth, and so much better for allergies.I love having plants in my home. The greenery adds a layer of freshness and beauty to a room that nothing else can. However, because I am very inconsistent at watering and because I’m paranoid about damaging my wood floor, most of my rooms have silk, or fake, plants.

Whether real or fake, all indoor plants need to be dusted occasionally. The traditional, and cheapest, way of doing that is to wipe down the leaves with a dust plants can bring greenery to any room

That’s what I usually do with the mango tree in my room. The wide leaves collect a lot of dust, so with my seasonal allergies, I try to keep it pretty clean. Of course, I then have to shower after I’ve dusted or my allergies become unbearable.Dusting fake plants with a dust cloth takes a lot of time

I’ve found there’s an easier way. It’s also gentler on silk plants.

This is the bamboo tree in our front room. It’s not very sturdy and the leaves have already started to come off. The pressure of wiping each leaf would destroy it.A delicate silk bamboo plant needs to be dusted

So, I use SilkBrite – Silk Plant and Flower Cleaner 16 Oz. (an affiliated link) to dust my bamboo plant. Simple and effective.Silkbrite silk plant and flower cleaner

The bottle says it’s safe to use on any floor or surface, but I take it outside. Then I spray down the whole plant until the liquid starts dripping off the leaves.dusty silk leaves soak the dirty leaves with silk plant cleaner

Once the leaves are dry, there’s no more dust. Sometime, if I haven’t cleaned it in a while, there’s a little dust left and I need to do a second spray.A cleaned and dust-free silk bamboo plant

Here’s my delicate bamboo, all clean and back in the front room. (It needs a better base to make it taller—I’m working on that).A delicate fake bamboo plant can't take traditional dusting

The silk plant cleaner is great. It’s fast, easy, and wonderful for my allergies. A couple minutes to spray the plant, 15 more minutes to let it dry, and I have a clean, dust-free easier way to dust fake plants

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