A video tutorial showing how to make a simple, handmade Valentine cardHere’s a short video showing how to make a simple Valentine card because Valentine’s Day should be more about the person you love than stressing over a complicated paper craft.

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Here’s written instructions for how to make the Valentine card (Sorry about the blurry still pictures from the video).Supplies to make a Valentine card

Craft Supplies

  • Red construction paper and white paper (or a scrapbook paper with a different color on the back)
  • Spray adhesive (Scotch Super 77 works the best)
  • Bone folder (not necessary, but it makes folding much easier and cleaner)
  • Razor (or scissors)
  • Heart stencil (I just drew a heart and cut it out)
  • Envelope
  • Ruler, pencil, and pen


Create the CardMake your Valentine card fit it's envelope

I used spray mount to glue a piece of red construction paper to a sheet of white copy paper. It doesn’t need to be even–the edges will be trimmed off. You can also find scrapbook paper that has different colors on the front and back.

Fold the double-sided paper in half and trim it down to a little smaller than the envelope.

Cut Half of the HeartCut half of the heart on the Valentine card

Open the card, and place the heart stencil on the front side of the card. Cut out only half of the stencil (right or left side).

Fold Open the HeartFold the heart of the Valentine card

Use the bone folder to crease the heart in the middle. When folded open, the heart should be a whole heart, half of it the folded cover and the other half the inside of the card.

Write your Valentine a love noteA simple Valentine's card

Personalize your card however you would like, but be careful not to write on the inside where it shows through the heart on the cover.

Making a personalized Valentine card doesn’t need to be stressful to be beautiful. Whatever you decide to make, be sure to enjoy your Valentine’s Day with your loved one.


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