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Dinosaur Birthday Party

Dinosaur Birthday Party

A dinosaur birthday party with DIY dinosaur fossils, a volcano cake, a scavenger hunt, and lots more prehistoric fun for your future paleontologist

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Cold Weather Gear for You, Your Home, and Your Pet.

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Discover an easy way to add luxurious warmth to any room.

I love radiant heat. I think it is the greatest heating invention ever. It produces a slow, constant heat in the floor that gradually fills the whole room. No hot air blowing in your face while your feet are freezing. No going from being too cold then too hot as the furnace cycles off and on. No ugly vents. Just a comfortable warmth that starts at your feet. I have wanted to put radiant heat in our home for years. The only drawback is cost.

Cozy Winters sells an electric radiant floor heater for under area rugs. It is essentially a radiant heat panel that is flexible and safe under carpeting and plugs into a wall outlet. So we didn’t have to tear out our old tile, we just laid the rug heater on top of a rug pad right on top of the tile. It’s even safe to use on top of carpeting. Next, we put our rug on top of the heater, plugged it in, and we had warm feet.

This rug heater was our next big step in updating the room. And although you can’t even see the rug heater, the room definitely feels better. READ MORE

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Moana’s necklace

Moana’s necklace

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Project Linus Service Party

Project Linus Service Party

I’ve always tried to encourage my children to serve others, so when my daughter came up with the idea of having a service party and inviting a bunch of friends over to make blankets for those in...

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Dinosaur Birthday Party

A dinosaur birthday party with DIY dinosaur fossils, a volcano cake, a scavenger hunt, and lots more prehistoric fun for your future paleontologist

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