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Privacy policy

I hate spam. I assume you hate spam too. Any personal information you give to me, either by subscribing to my weekly emails or by any other communication will not be given to anyone else. No third parties or spam lists or anything nasty like that. Your email address will only ever be used by me to communicate with you.


The purpose of this blog ( is to share the home improvement and decorating projects I have done around my house, and to show projects that homeowners can DIY. The sole purpose is to give you, my reader, encouragement to take responsibility for the care and improvement of your own home. None of these projects or ideas are in any way guaranteed. If you try any of the ideas or projects shown on this blog, you do so at your own risk, which means or any of its contributors are not responsible for your personal safety or the quality of your home projects. Please research thoroughly before you undertake any home improvement project. Any DIY project should only be done after sufficient research, following all product directions, and with a lot of common sense.


All photos on are the property of this website or are linked and credited to their original source whenever possible. You are welcome to use one photos from any post as long as you credit and link back to the original post. You may not copy or paraphrase any of the written words or give affiliated links to supplies for any project shown on this blog. Unauthorized copying, republishing, or posting of any content on this site is prohibited. If you would like to use something from this site, please ask.

Affiliate Disclosure is a for-profit blog, which means that the content is free for all readers to enjoy, but there are advertisements and affiliated links to pay for the time and resources it takes to create the posts. You are under no obligation to click on any advertisement or link, but I really appreciate your support of this blog when you do!

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One last thing, like most blogs, I reserve the right to remove comments that are rude, self-promotional, personal attacks, or completely off-topic. Just be nice. Thanks!