Last weekend I had a lot of fun at San Diego’s ArtWalk NTC @ Liberty Station. So many amazing works of art, from paintings and photography to jewelry and even lounging swings. We went as a family, and I was impressed how interested in the art both of my girls were. Jane even bought a small piece.

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I love original art. A print of a famous work of art can be lovely, but an original work of art displayed in a home is stunning. There is something compelling about the textures and colors of an original work that no print or mass-produced piece will ever capture.

Original art is often more affordable than you might think, and often well worth the cost. While I might not cover my walls in one-of-a-kind pieces, having one or two in a room brings an refined aesthetic and a sense of quality to the room. An interesting work of art can easily be the focal point for any room. Plus, buying work from local artists supports my community.

I’d like to share a few artists from the ArtWalk whose work I loved. I’ve included information about how to contact them if you are interested in seeing more of their work.

Art Glass by Paul Counts

A striking hand blown glass vase. You can see some of his other elegant art glass in the background.

Art Glass by: Paul Counts

You can see more of his work online at several galleries, such as Kela’s Glass Gallery or contact the artist directly at


Carolyn Johnsons Mixed Media Fine Art

This piece was incredible in person. The closer we got to it, the more detail there was to see. It was like art within art within art.

Ocean Surf by: Carolyn Johnson

See more at


Dave Ness Photography

The calming feel of nature in all of this artist’s photography would benefit any home. This photograph has a beautiful juxtaposition of peace and movement.

Beach Grass by Dave Ness

See more at


Onyx Lamps

These Core drilled onyx cylinders are lit from the inside which highlights all of the layers and details of the stone. They are fantastic lights.

Onyx Stone Lamps by Paco Gonzalez

See more work on his website.


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